Company philosophy

Our company is creating a new form of media with mobile-phone contents and instantaneous solutions.

Through a fusion of paper media and mobile phone contents, we are now able to create a service that anyone can use anytime, anyplace using the CL/PM code
This services better fits the changing lifestyles and work styles of people in a fast-paced, technologically based world.
■Project Outline
※Project Model “5th Generation Media”
■What is “5th Generation Media”?
・This technology allows the fusion of all printable media (“Flat Media”) with cellular phone technology to form what we are calling the “5th Generation Media”
■“5th Generation Media”
・1st Generation Media = Paper media (Newspaper, Magazines, etc.)
・2nd Generation Media = Radio
・3rd Generation Media = TV, Video, Film
・4th Generation Media = IT (Computer, Cellular Phone)
・5th Generation Media = Fusion of all
 Content Idea of ASIA co.,ltd.





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