Technical expert (permanent or part time) and partner companies wanted

As development of a new business project,
we recruit system engineers and partner companies having this project cooperate.

About our project
Produce the software of 3-D Code system with new ideas and technologies.
①Cluster Algorithm  ②Develop 3-D Code encoder  ③Develop 3-D Code decoder  ④Develop plug-in software for installation
The 3-D Code encoder requires analysis processing including perception of color with CCD camera.
The products will be installed as the plug-in for DTP system softwares and the plug-in of 3-D Code encoder on mobile phones.
* The system engineers and programmers having the following skills are preferred.
■System Engineers * 3 positions
 ・Cluster Algorithm of picture analysis processing (3-D Code decoder/encoder)
 ・Develop plug-in for DTP softwares (Adobe Acrobat,Illustrator,Photoshop)
 ・develop application softwares (plug-in) for mobile phones
■Programmer  * 6 positions
Environment Language Tools
Other:Mobile phones
C, C++, Java, etc.
* Beginner is disapproved.
Windows:MicroSoft VisualStudio, Borland DeveloperStudio, etc.
Mac:Xcode, CodeWarrior, etc.
Other:SDK such as Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
  Tool kit for each mobile device
Term and Location for The Development
■Term        Start developing from June, 2006. It will take long because the new version has to be developed
           as each layer of 3-D Code.

    (* As the phase of the development is diverged, we will continue accepting applications for workers after June 1.)
■Location      You will work at the office basically, but may have meeting or things to develop at the vendor for
Conditions of a contract
■Individual      After a certain period of time for confirming your skill, we make a contract as a permanent worker.
■Private Enterprise You will be occupied in our project under contract as a private enterprise.
■Corporation    You will be occupied in our project under contract as corporative business.
           (It is possible to contract for dispatch if it meets conditions.)
* The treatment of a contract employment and the salary of a contract job are negotiable depending on skills.
Since this project partly includes patent (during application) technology,
it is necessary to have you observe the duty of confidentiality about the project information.
Therefore, some kinds of contracts such as basal contract and confidentiality agreement
must be made under the supervision of legal adviser in charge.
We do NOT do contract research. Whole work shall be under our control.
Contact us
Please E-mail or call us.
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